The Agenda

God’s Agenda for Nigeria is about the following:
Nigeria to be the capital of Christianity in Africa and
an offshoot of Israel in Africa.

Presently, Nigeria is in a bad shape because the leaders emerging over several decades have been incompetent, mediocre, imbeciles and corrupt lacking in vision
and strategies.

The forces opposing God’s agenda are vicious and that’s why God had always called for Kingdom Priests to leadership position; people like Moses, Deborah, Joseph,Nehemiah, King David and so on.

There is an array of forces against the implementation of God’s agenda for Nigeria. It will take a spiritual network of Kingdom Priests to dethrone, disarm and dislodge them before the agenda can be implemented.

Then the spiritual space would have been cleared and development could then go ahead because the demonic spirits of corruption, poverty, mammon, islamisation, terrorism, idolatry and division would have given way to the spirit of integrity, prosperity, unity, love, innovation and the power of God in manifestation.

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