Day 11 of Social Media Integrity Training

a) Develop passion in presenting your experience in elections 2015, 2019 . Frankly speaking, no election in Nigeria has been free and fair even at the peri-independence period. The election that saw MKO Abiola as winner of national election in 1993 could be termed fairest. Nigerians were fed up with governmental corruption on the run to 2015 election and were ready to vote any party that could offer a change in that respect. At the same time, the Church was warned regarding those that were canvassing for change but such warnings went into deaf ears and towards 2019, it became obvious that the spiritual capacity was inadequate to counter the network that had developed against establishment of the will of God for Nigeria.

b) What are the challenges to free and fair elections in Nigeria?

c) What are the problems of good governance in Nigeria?

d) What has Christianity to offer in these circumstances? Study Proverbs 14:34 and Psalm 15:1-5

e) What should the Church do in these situations?

f) Be passionate relating your experience with how people respect each other at pre and post election periods.

Compare with what happens in other climes especially Europe and other advanced countries.

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