Day 12 of Integrity Training

*But the fruit of Integrity is …*
I was inspired by Holy Spirit to view Integrity in the light of Galatians 5:22

But the fruit of Integrity is accountability, honesty, incorruptibility, truthfulness, keeping promises, justice & fairness, non-partisan, trustworthiness, impeccable character, positive role model, selflessness …
Against such there is no law”

According to Holy Spirit, Integrity is:
    * The spiritual strategy for implementation of God’s Agenda for Nigeria
    * Is our spiritual weapon to dethrone the princes of darkness and demonic spirits
    * Is the roadmap to exalting Nigeria according to the word of God
    * Is the mystery of the Kingdom  of God to expand the boundary of the Kingdom across Nigeria and across Africa

The starting point:
Each of us must raise the bar of personal integrity …

b) Evaluate your contributions to community failure

c) Carry out 30-45min spiritual exercises for new perspectives

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  1. Akintola Mabel

    Lord help me to be more responsible ,shun partisanship and be just in communal relationship, that men see the beauty of Christ in me and glorify my Father in heaven, thereby establishing God’s Agenda.

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