Day 14 of Social Media Integrity Training

God had destined Nigeria to be an offshoot of Israel and like Israelis, Nigerians are supposed to be blessings to Africa and the black race as well as to the world. Exodus of Nigerians from their country over the last 40 years has caused an expansion of the Kingdom of God and Nigerians are now in many countries of the world birthing the Kingdom of God in those countries including the Communist and Islamic countries.

Nigerians adapt very easily to their environment and in countries with very high corruption perception index, their personal integrity also ranks high. No wonder then that such individuals are able to excel especially as they utilize the modern technology available in such countries which were scarcely available at home although their training included getting used to utilizing such implements.

A list of Nigerians in diaspora doing well in developed countries include (this list is not all inclusive but limited to those in academia alone):


Humanities and social sciences


Academic administration

List was populated from Wikipedia.


BRITISH Nobel laureate Dorothy Hodgkin once noted that the University of Lagos was one of the world centres of expertise in her specialist field of chemical crystallography.

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria had the first world class computer centre in Africa. University of Ife had a notable pool of expertise in nuclear physics.

Premier University of Ibadan had an international reputation as a leading centre of excellence in tropical medicine, development economics and the historical sciences. The Saudi Royal family used to frequent UCH for medical treatment in the sixties.

The engineering scientist Ayodele Awojobi, a graduate of ABU Zaria, was a rather troubled genius. He tragically died of frustration because our environment could not contain let alone utilise, his talents.

Ishaya Shuaibu Audu, pioneer Nigerian Vice-Chancellor of ABU Zaria, collected all the prizes at St. Mary’s University Medical School London. His successor in Zaria, Iya Abubakar, was a highly talented Cambridge mathematician who became a professor at 28 and was a noted consultant to NASA.

Renowned mathematician Chike Obi solved Fermat’s 200-year old conjecture with pencil and paper while the Cambridge mathematician John Wiles achieved same with the help of a computer working over a decade.

Anne marie Imafidon earned her Oxford Masters’ in Mathematics and Computer Science when she was only 19. Today, she sits on several corporate boards and was awarded an MBE in 2017 for services to science. Recently, Benue State University mathematician Atovigba Michael Vershima is believed to have solved the two centuries old Riemann Conjecture that has defied giants such as Gauss, Minkowski and Polya.

Another young man, Hallowed Olaoluwa, was one of a dozen “future Einstein” awarded postdoctoral fellowships by Harvard University. He completed a remarkable doctorate in mathematical physics at the University of Lagos age 21. While at Harvard he aims to focus on solving problems relating to “quantum ergodicity and quantum chaos”, with applications to medical imaging and robotics.

Another Unilag alumnus, Ayodele Dada, graduated with a perfect 5.0 GPA, an unprecedented feat in a Nigerian university. Victor Olalusi recently graduated with such stellar performance at the Russian Medical Research University, Moscow, and was feted the best graduate throughout the Russian Federation. Habiba Daggash, daughter of Senator Sanusi Daggash, recently graduated with a starred first in Engineering at Oxford University.

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa earned a GPA of 3.98 out of a possible 4.0 as the best overall graduate of the Ivy-League Johns Hopkins University. Stewart Hendry, Johns Hopkins Professor of Neuroscience, described the young man as having “an intellect so rare that it touches on the unique…a personality that is once-in-a-life-time”. There is also young Yemi Adesokan, postdoctoral fellow of Harvard Medical School who patented procedures for tracking the spread of viral epidemics in developing countries.

• Give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy endures for ever

• Pray for an hour for God’s special purging and also pruning for more fruits and for that will abide.

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