Day 27 of Integrity Trainings

a) Despite being the worst performing region, Africa has several countries that consistently push back against corruption, and with notable progress. Some of these countries score better than some European countries. Specifically, Botswana, Seychelles, Cape Verde, Rwanda and Namibia all score better on the corruption perception index compared to some countries like Italy, Greece and Hungary. In addition, Botswana and Seychelles, which score 61 and 60 respectively, do better than Spain at 57.

The key ingredient that the top performing African countries have in common is political leadership that is consistently committed to anti-corruption. While the majority of countries already have anti-corruption laws and institutions in place, these leading countries go an extra step to ensure implementation.

What other factors do you think are responsible for the performance of these countries and why do you think they fare better than Nigeria that currently scores an index of 26

b) Pray for one hour to be part of raising the bar of national integrity.
c) Pray to mobilise others to be part of this move to take Nigeria to a level higher than other countries.

d) Using the examples of Daniel and Nehemiah, activate some of the prophecies received in the last century concerning Nigeria. Pray in the spirit for an hour.

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