Day 28 of Integrity Trainings

a) Study Judges 6 to 8, the story of the victory that God gave unto Gideon. Note and answer the following questions as we draw a parallel with Nigeria:

  1. How the Midianites and Amalekites spoilt the Israelites after they sinned against God. Who are present day Midianites and Amalekites of Nigeria?
  2. How did God answer the Israelites when they called on Him?
  3. How did the Angel address Gideon and how did he say he should go? (Go in this thy …).
  4. What did the Lord promise Gideon in Judges 6 verse 16?
  5. Was seeking the sign of fleece necessary?
  6. Check on how Gideon came about the 300 men that eventually went with him to battle.
  7. Haven gone through the spiritual transformation training and the training on integrity, you can begin to imagine as in the days of Gideon how like the Angel, God is telling you to go in this your might. God just needs a critical mass of kingdom priests who shall be willing to go along with Him.
  8. Note in chapter 7, verses 19 to 22. Did they have to shoot an arrow?
  9. If Gideon and his men had undertaken the kind of courses you are embarking on, they would not have slid back so soon into idolatry as Gideon stimulated them to with the fashioning of the golden ephod in chapter 8.
  10. Their victory would have enjoyed sustainability. Do you understand what God is doing. May His people be willing in the days of His power.


c) Check slide 25 and then slide 23 of Module 8, Raising the Bar of Integrity in the following link:

In slide 25, what do you consider are the main objectives of integrity training? What according to Proverbs 13:34 is the basis for the development and progress of a nation?

From slide 23, develop your own personal integrity plan.

d) Pray for one hour to be part of raising the bar of national integrity.

e) Pray to mobilise others to be part of this move to take Nigeria to a corruption index level that is higher than that of other countries in Africa.

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