It's time for intense spiritual workout

This intense spiritual workout is designed for Christians who are intent on living at the cutting edge of their spiritual experience.  The flesh will be crucified, mortified and totally stripped of the every desire contrary to the spiritual.

communication channel

The communication channel between Holy Spirit and the human spirit determines the deposit of content. The more intense the workout, the bigger the channel


One of the benefits of this intense spiritual workout is that the flesh is subdued and crucified. It is important to maintain this state by continuous workout


The continuous filling of Holy Spirit is key to a vibrant spiritual life. This particular exercise means that you connect with Holy Spirit every two hours during the day

Featured Classes


Learn how to subdue the flesh in order to expand the communication channel with Holy Spirit.

Learn how to submit to Holy Spirit as He takes you through chastening, tribulation, brokenness and testing in His transformative processes 

putting on the whole armour of god

Learn how to put on the whole armour of God. You need to have the whole armour already developed before getting to the battle front. Otherwise, it would have been too late.

By following this chart, you will learn the strategic art of taking the battle to the gates of hell.


This class will make sure you know how to focus on the development of quantum faith through spiritual exercises and workouts to. reach your goals. The level of your faith must match the level of your expectation.

develop the prophetic Lifestyle

Learn how to develop the prophetic lifestyle. Notice that our Lord Jesus Christ carried out His ministry through the words He spoke. In other words you need to develop and activate the supernatural vocal/inspirational gift thh spiritual exercises that will transform your vocabulary.roug

What Our participants say

I have been brought up in powerful fellowships with great desire and commitment to fulfill God's purpose in politics and governance. However, when i attended God's Agenda for Nigeria , this spiritual workout training took me to spiritual levels that is simply awesome. I recommend this program for you too

Steven Iorfa

My dad introduced this programme to me in order to strengthen my spiritual life. Its awesome and I have never looked back. I will recommend for any Christian whose desire is to develop an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit .

Dolapo Bolumole

Time will tell on your spiritual life if you turned a blind eye to daily intense spiritual workout