Mountain of Media

What Is This Mountain About?

  • This Mountain should bring truth into the main stream of Information Highway regarding the Kingdom of God
  • This Mountain is about the application of true spirituality in rebuilding the dissemination of Information 
  • This Mountain interprets spiritual and natural events, activities and prophecies
  • This Mountain maximizes all forms of publicity, social media, audio/visual, print, VR, AR and so on.

How To Demonstrate The Power of God

  • This Mountain of Influence is to take the battle against attack on the truth to every Local Government
  • The Mountain shall provide the medium for the publication of sustainable truth
  • This Mountain shall expose, contain and discredit all forms of falsehood, misinformation and disinformation

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing God's Agenda For Nigeria

  • This Mountain Is to create a new Information Order in which Holy Spirit is given a pre-eminent role in the interpretation and presentation of events, information, governance, news and so on. 
  • This Mountain will provide strategic publicity for all the other Mountains of Social Influence  and for God’s Agenda through the knowledge of the truth 
  • This Mountain shall bring prophecies to the forefront of news and provide the platform for activation. 

The Role of The Mountain in Bringing Integrity To The Social Media

  • Complete your spiritual transformation training rapidly
  • Join the social media campaign by preparing your own materials of why integrity is the basis for creating ethical standards, a just and equitable nation.
  • Rebuild the media industry across the three tiers of government
  • Provide a sustainable platform for all other Mountains of Social Influence 
  • Train media practitioners to develop an integrity plan and conduct integrity rating to raise the bar of personal and corporate integrity and to enforce integrity

What is Trending on This Mountain of Social Influence?

  • Setting up model Media unit in creating a new Social Order
  • Reaching out for specific projects in villages and remote areas through which the. citizens shall embrace truths.
  • Teaching the people to become whistleblowers.
  • Take the battle to the gates of hell on a daily basis and prepare Nigerians to enforce integrity for zero tolerance for corruption.

Join The Spiritual/Media Network of Kingdom Priests Belonging To This Mountain

Your Local Government is the spiritual network to which you belong

Signup To Become A Trainer After Your Attainment of Kingdom Priest

This is for you to mentor other people who wish to train others on this mountain

Join One of These Forums

  • Taking over the national and state spiritual/media space
  • Developing the relevance of the Kingdom in Media
  • Promoting a new Media Order for re-inventing a new Nigeria.
  • Changing the concept of gathering and dissemination information by bringing probity into the Media industry