Mountain of Politics & Government

What Is This Mountain About?

  • This mountain should bring governance driven by the doctrine, principles of the Kingdom of God.
  • This mountain is about fulfilling God’s prophetic plan for Nigeria and the continent of Africa.
  • This mountain shall establish a level playing field by giving equal opportunity to all ethnic groups

How To Demonstrate The Power of God

  • This mountain of influence is to forcefully takeover the three tiers of government in Nigeria to fulfill God’s prophetic plan through spiritual power. There must be manifestation of signs and wonders following.
  • This mountain shall provide political power to all other mountains of influence to ride on.
  • This mountain shall strengthen members to develop ministry gifts in order to subdue the powers of darkness who would be contending to take over governance.

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing God's Agenda For Nigeria

  • This mountain is to create a new Political Order in which Holy Spirit is given preeminent role in the implementation of God’s Agenda through manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit at LG levels.
  • This mountain shall operate through Israeli anointing to build a powerful economy for implementing God’s Agenda by creating Church wards that will bring all Churches in each ward together for strategic takeover.
  • This mountain shall activate and be guided by prophecies regarding God’s prophetic plan for Nigeria

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing Integrity To The Social Media

  • Complete your spiritual transformation training rapidly
  • Join the social media campaign by preparing your own materials which demonstrate that integrity is a necessity for development of Nigeria and Africa
  • Provide alternative political and developmental strategy for mobilizing vast following through the manifestations of vocal and power gifts
  • Train politicians to develop an integrity plan and conduct integrity rating to raise the bar of personal and corporate integrity in order to enforce integrity

What is Trending on This Mountain of Social Influence?

  • Develop a model for a new Political Order which can be replicated over Nigeria and the African continent.
  • Bring Kingdom experience to the LG level. … righteousness, peace and joy.
  • Reach out for specific projects in villages and remote areas to establish integrity

Join The Spiritual Network of Kingdom Priests Belonging To This Mountain

Your Local Government is the spiritual/political network to which you belong

Signup To Become A Trainer After Your Attainment of Kingdom Priest

This is for you to mentor other politicians who wish to train others on this mountain.

Join One of These Forums

  • Taking over the national and state spiritual/political space.
  • Transforming Nigeria through Political restructuring.
  • Promoting a new Political Order, Kingdom principles and Prophecies.
  • Inevitability of Prophecies in Politics.