Mountain of Religion

What Is This Mountain About?

  • This mountain shall return the Church back to Christ, the Head and Founder.
  • The mountain is about the application of true spirituality to bring transformation to the community around each Church and the society at large.
  • The role of religion in bringing the Kingdom of God as reality to our nation.
  • The role of Christianity in dethroning islam, other traditional religion and any other religious experience and be the only authority in religious affairs.

How To Demonstrate The Power of God

  • This mountain of influence is to take the battle to every Local Government and establish Christianity as the dominant religion in the Local Government through the manifestations of signs and wonders and miracles and healings. Without signs and wonders they will not believe.
  • This mountain shall spearhead the development of Kingdom Priests in all the 9 mountains of social influence
  • This mountain shall strengthen the adoption of the PLEDGE to our Lord Jesus Christ

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing God's Agenda For Nigeria

  • This mountain shall promote the training of Christians in spiritual transformation, intense spiritual workout, Kingdom Priesthood, God’s Agenda and Integrity.
  • This mountain is to create a new Church Order in which Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ have the final say.
  • This mountain shall lead all the social sectors in dethroning the rulers of darkness and take over Nigeria’s spiritual space
  • This mountain shall develop strategies to make Nigeria the Capital of Christianity in Africa

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing Integrity To The Social Media

  • Complete your spiritual transformation training rapidly
  • Join the social media campaign by preparing your own materials
  • Train ministers of the gospel to develop an integrity plan and conduct integrity rating to raise the bar of personal and corporate integrity in order to enforce integrity
  • Develop an integrity reality programme in order to create a paradigm shift in the Nigerian people for higher level of morality 

What is Trending on This Mountain of Social Influence?

  • Setting up model Churches in creating a new Church Order
  • Preventing by combating the plan of the kingdom of darkness to bring war to Nigeria in 2022 by taking the battle to the gates of hell
  • By signs and wonders and vocal gifts of the Spirit raise multitudes to embrace God’s Agenda. 

Join The Spiritual Network of Kingdom Priests Belonging To This Mountain

Your Local Government is the spiritual network to which you belong

Signup To Become A Trainer After Your Attainment of Kingdom Priest

This is for you to mentor other people who wishes to train others on this mountain

Join One of These Forums

  • Taking over the national and state spiritual space
  • Why is Kingdom Priesthood an essential goal of the growth of the Church
  • Setting up a new Church Order
  • Accelerating the growth of this mountain