Mountain of Technology

What Is This Mountain About?

  • This mountain provides the platform to drive innovations, inventions in all social sectors
  • This mountain is about accelerating creation of wealth in all social sectors
  • Making use of science and technology in understanding Kingdom of God.
  • There is synergy between this mountain and all the other mountains

How To Demonstrate The Power of God

  • This mountain of Influence is to provide technology support in taking the battle against the Gates of Hell
  • This mountain shall demonstrate how rural transformation can be accelerated to bring glory to God.
  • There is no competition between the Kingdom of God and this mountain but complementarity

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing God's Agenda For Nigeria

  • This mountain is to create a new technology order in which Holy Spirit supplies innovative and creative products that are best sellers. Holy Spirit is magnified and exalted for such revelations.
  • This mountain will demonstrate the strength of spiritual network within technology network of Christians and generating vast sums of revenues as offshoot of Israel to finance God’s Agenda for Nigeria.

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing Integrity To The Social Media

  • Complete your spiritual transformation training rapidly
  • Join the social media campaign by preparing your own materials of why integrity is the basis for creating huge wealth.
  • Make use of virtual reality (VR) and Artificial Reality (AR) in promoting integrity programs and motivate millions of Youths to follo 
  • Training technologists to develop an integrity plan and conduct integrity rating to raise the bar of personal and corporate integrity and to enforce integrity

What is Trending on This Mountain of Social Influence?

  • Setting up model Technology Centres in creating a new Technology Order
  • Maximising the use of technology in all social sectors
  • Reaching out for specific technology projects in villages and remote areas to bring wealth transfer.
  • Raising leaders who have identified their ministry gifts and manifestations of Holy Spirit 

Join The Spiritual/Technology Network of Kingdom Priests Belonging To This Mountain

Your Local Government is the spiritual network to which you belong

Signup To Become A Trainer After Your Attainment of Kingdom Priest

This is for you to mentor other people who wish to train others on this mountain.

Join One of These Forums

  • Taking over the national and state spiritual/technology space
  • Developing the relevance of the Kingdom in Technology Industry
  • Setting up a new Technology Order
  • Changing the concept of technology growth in this mountain