Mountain of Youths

What Is This Mountain About?

  • This Mountain should bring Nigerian Youths into mainstream of God’s prophetic plan 
  • This Mountain is about the transformation of Nigerian Youths to be innovative and creative
  • This Mountain develops Nigerian Youths to embrace and run with implementation of God’s Agenda for Nigeria
  • This Mountain maximizes the impact of Youth in socio-economic growth.

How To Demonstrate The Power of God

  • This Mountain of Influence is to train Nigerian Christian Youths as ambassadors and representatives of the Kingdom of God 
  • The Mountain shall train Youths to discover themselves, by revelation, in Christ and attain Kingdom Priesthood.
  • This Mountain shall train the Youths for the new Church Order with ability to take the battle to the Gates of Hell on a sustainable basis
  • This mountain shall develop a sustainable program to build thousands of Kingdom Priests and set them into distributed spiritual networks. 

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing God's Agenda For Nigeria

  • This mountain shall educate and train the Nigerian Youths their responsibility for the development of the nation and the African continent.
  • This mountain shall engage the Youths in the implementation of the prophetic plan of God’s Agenda for Nigeria.
  • This mountain shall work in tandem with the other mountains of social impact

The Role of The Mountain in Implementing Integrity To The Social Media

  • Complete your spiritual transformation training rapidly
  • Develop a reality integrity program in order to engage the Youths and the public in enforcing integrity on a national scale
  • Join the social media campaign by preparing your own materials of why integrity is the basis for a great future for the Nigerian Youth
  • Train Youths to develop an integrity plan and conduct integrity rating to raise the bar of personal and corporate integrity and to enforce integrity throughout Nigeria.

What is Trending on This Mountain of Social Influence?

  • Provision of a platform for Nigerian Youths for self expression and governance
  • Developing a mindset that Black lives matter and the role of the Nigerian Youths in the development of African nations.
  • Reaching out for specific projects in poor villages and remote areas to re-orientate and mobilise the Youths for rapid socio-economic and technological growth.

Join The Spiritual/Business Network of Kingdom Priests Belonging To This Mountain

  • Your Local Government is the spiritual network to which you belong

Signup To Become A Trainer After Your Attainment of Kingdom Priest

  • This is for you to mentor other people who wishes to train others on this mountain

Join One of These Forums

  • Taking over the national and state spiritual space
  • Creating a new Nigeria culture 
  • Setting up a new Youth Order …strategic thinking
  • Changing the role of the Youths in NIgeria and Africa