You have reached this page because you have clicked on the Personal Spiritual  Growth Chart to determine where you are based on your reading of the chart and to know what next. The chart is to lead you through a training path that will culminate in you attaining Kingdom Priesthood


  • To train members to Kingdom Priesthood level. This is to ensure that every member is fully controlled by Holy Spirit. In other words, nothing is done without revelation from Holy Spirit.
  • That members operate through the manifestations of Holy Spirit and take control of our national spiritual space 
  • To bring members to unity of purpose, unity of vision and into a spiritual network in order to take the battle to the gates of hell on a sustainable level.
  • To understand God’s Agenda for Nigeria and bring God’s Kingdom to Nigeria.
  • To understand the place of prophecies in implementation of God’s Agenda for Nigeria


Our Personal Spiritual Growth Program is to help Christians transform from just being a Christian to Kingdom Priests. In other words, attain a mindset of being kingdom centric ...Exodus 19:6

training strategy

Strategic Human Resource Goals

Why Attaining Kingdom Priesthood is so important

  • Kingdom Priests have been taken through a grueling intense spiritual transformation by Holy Spirit 
  • Kingdom Priests do not depend on the flesh. They all hear from Holy Spirit and are intent on doing whatever He says. this leads to unity of the spirit, of purpose and of vision. John 5:17,19
  • Kingdom Priests have a singular objective; to birth the Kingdom of God

Core HR Goal

There is an immediate requirement of 300-500 Kingdom Priests required by 31st March 2021. These are to be distributed across the 9 Mountains of Social Influence. These are the elite Kingdom Priests. Identify which of the sectors of HR you belong and join that network

The Higher Call in Christ

These parameters for Kingdom Priests are the set goals. They are tall order; and they require intentional commitment to training to attain these parameters. A Kingdom Priest therefore is controlled fully by Holy Spirit. Training never stops because satan is always lurking about to take advantage of any broken edge.