Personal Spiritual Growth Program

Assess Yourself

The Chart below shows the 6 different spiritual stages a Christian can be as they grow in faith. Every Christian should aspire to be at stage 6 as quickly as possible. Go through the chart and sincerely determine where you are in your journey of the Christian faith. It’s not a problem if you find yourself at stage 1, 2 or 3 as we’ve got you covered. The pivotal stage is number 4 when Holy Spirit takes full control of the Christian.  We have put together spiritual training, comprising spiritual habit transformation and attaining Kingdom Priesthood status.  This combination will rapidly get to where you should be; stage 4 and above. Once you are done access yourself again and click on the stage below to take you to the next step.

A Christian cannot give what he does not have. This is the necessity for training. Numerous Christians find it difficult to understand God’s Agenda for Nigeria because they are interpreting spiritual things through the intellect. It cannot work …1Corinthians 2:14

spiritual status

Now that you have gone through the chart and determined the stage where you are spiritually; click “Next” below to see the parameters of a Kingdom Priest.