Taking The Battle To The Gates of Hell


  • To dethrone the powers and rulers of darkness controlling our national spiritual space while taking over control through God’s Agenda for Nigeria.
  • To avert physical warfare by taking the battle to the gates of hell.
  • That elections 2023 shall hold through strategic spiritual victories and mobilising millions of Christians into God’s Agenda for Nigeria.
  • Implementation of God’s prophetic plan is a powerful weapon: Isaiah 46:10


To dethrone the powers of darkness controlling our Nation

the enemy is formidable and better organised than the church

The Church is fractured. Any plan to commence with trying to take the Church along is sure to fail.

  • Use the Gideon model of 300 – 500 Kingdom Priests. As victory is being achieved others will join the victory wagon
  • This is a battle you cannot fight with poor soldiers. Therefore the training of Christians to the status of Kingdom Priests is required. At this level, the manifestations of Holy Spirit provides the spiritual power necessary to shift every form of opposition.

Why Christians are dropping out of this fight ...

Video: Taking the battle to the gates of hell

  • This video gives a powerful insight into the requirements for waging a successful spiritual warfare.
  • One man fight against the kingdom of darkness is failed on arrival
  • A network in which Holy Spirit is at the core of the spiritual network is necessary
  • God’s Agenda for Nigeria as offshoot of Israel and capital of Christianity in Africa
  • The use of other prophecies in this warfare is important

A vibrant spiritual network is required

Setup vibrant spiritual networks in accordance with Ephesians 4:16 in the 9 Mountains of Social Impact, viz Education, Politics & Government, Media, Business, Arts/Sports/Entertainment, Family, Religion, Youths and Technology.

The spiritual network shall be established at the Local Government level.

The strategic method of taking the battle to the gates of hell

  • Kingdom Priests are required to execute this project. If you wish to be part, then signup for training
  • Start with putting on the whole amour of God by boosting your faith, application of the sword of the Spirit, a lifestyle of truth and intense prayers
  • Dethroning the powers and rulers of darkness through sustained and continuous spiritual attack.
  • Take the prophetic plan of God for Nigeria to the gates of hell and make a demand for its implementation. This requires constant prophesying and following through with progressive revelation
  • The use of the gifts of the Spirit through differences of administration and diversities of operations
  • Activate the numerous prophecies as below
  • Follow through with whatever Holy Spirit is revealing realtime
Fight of Faith


  • The fundamental objectives are to birth the Kingdom of God and carry out God’s perfect will by implementing God’s Agenda for Nigeria
  • Build a minimum of 300 Kingdom Priests into an effective spiritual network to spearhead the spiritual battle of reclaiming Nigeria’s spiritual space
  • Follow the Roadmap relentlessly
  • Proclaim God’s Agenda for Nigeria and all existing prophecies through the vocal gifts
  • This will be a strategic approach is Local Government invasion across the nation
  • The spiritual strategy: enforce the spirit of integrity to raise millions of followers who shall be ready to vote for men and women of integrity
  • Look out for the evidence. Keep up with the cycle. Be unrelenting. Be vigilant and forceful.


  • Prophecies are advance declaration of God’s intent. This must be broadcast daily.
  • Prophecies declare the mysteries of the Kingdom of God
  • Prophecies mobilise the host of Heaven for their fulfillment
  • Prophecies are spiritual weapons that the kingdom of darkness cannot resist.
  • Prophecies require Kingdom Priests to unravel and to implement by progressive revelation. Otherwise it remains conditional.
  • A perfect example is found in Daniel Chapter 9 in which Prophet Jeremiah’s prophecy of Jeremiah 29:10 was activation at the due time of 70 year

God in His wisdom has decreed through scriptures that a nation is exalted in proportion to its level of integrity or ethical standards. The spirit of integrity is now part of our weapon to take the battle to the gates of hell. This a powerful war against PERSONAL INTEREST. The entire national spiritual space must therefore be filled with the spirit of integrity. 

The fruit of Integrity is: Accountability, Incorruptibility, Promise-Keeping, Honesty, Justice & Fairness, Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Non-partisan, Impeccable Character, Positive Role Modeling.


this is what exalts a nation ...Proverb 14:34

play your part

the people shall be willing in
the day of god's power ...Psalm 110:2-3


share any additional prophecies ...

In 1983

At the First National Convention of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Held at Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt A visiting delegate from New Mexico USA spoke about visions of black men that God was giving him while he was in his home country. When he asked about who the black men were, The Lord he said explained to him that these black men where Nigerians. He had never visited Nigeria before and the Lord told him he will soon take him there because the nation Nigeria was a nation he planned to use in revival. He then spoke on in prophecy. Thus saith the Lord- Nigeria and Nigerian Christians will be used by the Lord to preach the gospel in the market places of the World in these last days.

In 1983

Pastor S. G. Elton spoke prophetically in this meeting concerning two key African nations, saying that Africa is like a gun pointed down. Its turret and muzzle is South Africa. Its trigger is Nigeria. He said the days would come when Apartheid (then at its peak in South Africa) will be removed from South Africa. In those days, he said the Gun of Africa would begin to fire for God’s purpose.

AKBF Continental Conference 2006

Africa awake to your destiny. This is your hour of liberation! This is your year of Jubilee! Africa awake to your destiny! You will speak My word in this season. You will set in motion these Endtime events. You will set My house in order. For the seed of prophecy is springing up even now in you, it will shortly cast its shadow upon the whole

In 1984

Ibadan Prayer Conference CSSM As we prayed here at a large gathering of many campuses at the Ibadan Polytechnic, the Lord spoke again during a very deep session of prayers while most of us were on our face on the floor. The Lord spoke in prophecy saying: My Church in this nation, is my hope for the Continent of Africa

April 2000

Behold my servants, in these 10 years I shall need runners, fast runners; they that shall run to and fro in your nations. But where are those runners? For in a short while, the time will come. Therefore, raise runners for Me. Send them forth, and I shall bring the Continent to a place it will shine ....South Africa

The strategy behind waging a victorious warfare is to release millions of Christians from bondage

whosoever controls the realm of the spirit determines what goes on in the nation